Q and A

Have a question that's not on here? Feel free to contact me.

Do you tutor? Can you recommend a tutor? I no longer tutor/teach. But if you're serious about learning extra math outside the classroom (i.e. enrichment), or filling in missing foundations (i.e. remediation), or preparing for a credit exam (e.g. AP Calculus BC), then check out mathacademy.com. We've created a fully automated and personalized online learning system that emulates the behavior of an expert tutor, and our monthly price is even less expensive than a single hour with an expert tutor.

My child is gifted. Can you recommend any resources/advice? Yes, see here.

I self-studied a bunch of university-level math. ...
  • ... How can I demonstrate this to colleges and use this to strengthen my college applications? See here.
  • ... How can I place into appropriate courses at university? If what you studied is beyond what's covered on the university's placement exam, then contact the head of the math department, give them context about what you studied (and how you studied it), and request to chat with them to see if it would be approriate for you to place out of those courses. (Make sure that you're fresh on all the material you claim to have learned -- if you can't talk fluently about those subjects and solve problems on the board, then you won't make a convincing case.)

What template does this site use? Minimal Mistakes with lots of customizations. Hosted on GitHub Pages. (If you're getting started with a personal website, here's my advice.)

Miscellaneous Q&A