Sometimes I come across a site, book, article, etc, that is incredibly cool -- but time passes and I forget the details by which to track it down when I want to revisit or recommend it.

Enough! No more! Going forward, I shall save such links on this page.

  • Understanding Deep Learning by Simon J.D. Prince
    A friendly yet remarkably detailed deep learning textbook full of visualizations, quick concrete algebraic/numerical examples and exercises, historical notes/references, and references to current work in the field. An amazing resource for anyone who has decent math chops and has paid attention to deep learning making headlines through the years, but hasn't kept up with all the technical details.
  • How We Got From There to Here: A Story of Real Analysis by Eugene Boman and Robert Rogers
    An engaging real analysis textbook full of memorable quotes such as the following: "In some sense, the nineteenth century was the 'morning after' the mathematical party that went on throughout the eighteenth century."