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My teaching years culminated in developing the most advanced high school math/CS sequence in the USA. Within a radically accelerated math program, I developed a quantitative computer science track that scaffolded high school students up to doing masters/PhD-level coursework (reproducing academic research papers in artificial intelligence, building everything from scratch in Python). More details here.

Math Academy - Eurisko Sequence
  • Intelligent Systems, 2022-23.
  • Machine Learning, 2022-23, 2021-22, 2020-21.
  • Computation & Modeling, 2022-23, 2021-22, 2020-21, summer 2020.

Math Academy
  • AP Calculus BC, 2022-23, 2021-22, 2020-21.
  • Integrated Math I/II, 2022-23, 2021-22, 2020-21.
  • Research and Presentation in Mathematics, summer 2019. course page
  • Mathematical Problem Solving, summer 2019.
  • Drawing Mathematics with Desmos, summer 2019. course page
  • Linear Algebra / Multivariable Calculus, substitute, April 2019.

  • AP Calculus AB, Pilgrim School, 2019-20.
  • Physics, Pilgrim School, 2019-20.
  • Aerospace Engineering, Pilgrim School, fall 2019. launches
  • Principles of Engineering, Pilgrim School, fall 2019.
  • Math Field Day Coaching (4th Grade), McKinley School, spring 2019.
  • SAT Math, FLEX College Prep, spring 2019, spring/summer/fall 2018.
  • ACT Math, FLEX College Prep, spring/summer/fall 2018.
  • ACT Science, FLEX College Prep, spring/summer/fall 2018.
  • Math Circle, HBar Tutoring, 2018 Spring. course page


From 2013 to 2020 I tutored over 300 students, with an emphasis on highly accelerated students studying high school and college math far above their grade level.

During high school and undergrad I worked as a Mathnasium instructor, and while earning my master's I tutored for a handful of agencies / programs including Math Academy, a radically accelerated math program in which highly gifted students master AP Calculus BC in 8th grade and university-level courses in high school.

Below are some particularly notable examples of students I've worked with:

  • Colby was a high school student who studied math at the college level through Math Academy. We started working together when he was a freshman taking linear algebra / multivariable calculus. In the first month of school, he began to fall behind in these classes -- but we met weekly throughout the entire year, and by the end of the course he received not only an A on his transcript, but also the highest score in the class on the final exam. We continued working together through his sophomore year, during which he received another A and the second-highest score on his abstract algebra / differential equations final.
  • Jordan was a middle school student who, at the age of 12, decided that he wanted to skip high school and enter straight into college to study physics. In order to apply to the Early Entrance Program at Cal State LA, he needed to take the ACT. After meeting weekly with me for 8 months, his ACT math score jumped 12 points from a 16 to a 28, and he was accepted into the program.
  • Malcolm was an 8-year-old who spent hours on end conducting his own arithmetic experiments, and I helped him state his results using formal mathematical notation and code up numerical simulations in Python. Our discussions quickly ventured into algebra, and before we knew it, we had covered most of high school math. We worked through AP Calculus BC during biweekly meetings during his 7th/8th grade years, and we continue to meet biweekly to discuss topics across university-level math.