Throughout high school, I started each morning by going down to the basement to lift weights for an hour. But this routine fell apart as my schedule became more hectic during and after college. Six years later, after losing all my strength and muscle mass, I set out to recover it.

While it wasn't feasible to recreate the old environment of a basement gym, I identified the key factors that led to success in that environment, and realized that they could be accomplished in a bedroom with gymnastic rings hanging from a pull-up bar.

Initially I focused on simply getting back into shape: getting ripped and then building mass.

physique transformation

Now, I'm trying to maximize performance on various calisthenics. I've started posting personal record videos to keep track of progress and inspect my form. I have a moonshot goal of approaching the world record for the back lever.

Back Lever

(60% = 30s Personal Best / ~50s World Record)

Iron Cross

No-Leg Pushup

One-Arm Chinup

Maltese Cross

(this one is still pretty rough)

Front Lever

(this one is still pretty rough)