Quants vs Systems Coders

2022 Oct | Two subtypes of coders that I watched students grow into.

Tips for Developing Valuable Models

2022 Oct | Stuff you don't find in math textbooks.

Introduction to Algorithms and Machine Learning: Preamble

2022 Sep | A book written to support one of the most advanced high school math/CS sequences in the USA.

The 5 Breeds of Quants

2022 Aug | ... are summarized in the following table.

The Ultimate High School Computer Science Sequence: 9 Months In

2021 Feb | In 9 months, these students went from initially not knowing how to write helper functions to building a machine learning library from scratch.

But WHERE do the Taylor Series and Lagrange Error Bound even come from?!

2019 Dec | An intuitive derivation.

Trick to Apply the Chain Rule FAST - Peeling the Onion

2019 Dec | A simple mnemonic trick.

Textbook Summary: Memory Evolutive Systems

2016 Mar | Framing complex systems in the language of category theory.

[In Progress] Textbook Summary: The Principles of Deep Learning Theory

[In Progress] Textbook Summary: Telgarsky's Deep Learning Theory Lecture Notes

[In Progress] Textbook Summary: Deep Learning Architectures