An assortment of writings that are more than scratch work but not cohesive enough to form a booklet.

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Business Lessons from Science Fair
2023 Jun | The most important things I learned from competing in science fairs had nothing to do with physics or even academics. My main takeaways were actually related to business -- in particular, sales and marketing.


Selecting a Good Problem to Work On
2023 Jan | Good problem = intersection between your own interests/talents, the realm of what's feasible, and the desires of the external world.

Thales’ Theorem
2019 Dec | Every inscribed triangle whose hypotenuse is a diameter is a right triangle.

The Brain in One Sentence
2015 Nov | The brain is a neuronal network integrating specialized subsystems that use local competition and thresholding to sparsify input, spike-timing dependent plasticity to learn inference, and layering to implement hierarchical predictive learning.

On the Contrasting Educations and Outcomes of Ben Franklin and Montaigne
2015 May | Montaigne's education, strictly dictated by his parents and university studies, resulted in an isolative work with scholarly impact but limited public reach. Conversely, Benjamin Franklin's goal-oriented self-teaching led to influential creations and roles benefiting his community and nation.

Sound Waves
2012 Dec | A brief overview of sound waves and how they interact with things.

Detecting Dark Matter
2012 Dec | A brief overview of the experimental search for dark matter (XENON, CDMS, PICASSO, COUPP).

Evidence for the Existence of Dark Matter
2012 Dec | Mass discrepancies in galaxies and clusters, cosmic background radiation, the structure of the universe, and big bang nucleosynthesis's impact on baryon density.