Research and Presentation in Mathematics (Summer 2019)

Outstanding Project: Relationships between Nodes, Connections, and Faces in Planar Graphs (paper, slides) by Laura Fredericks, Grade 7.


Description. Over the course of four weeks, students will pose research questions in a variety of mathematical fields, research a problem of their own choosing, and prepare a written report. In the fifth week, students will present their work to the class.

Student Responsibilities. Students should bring a writing utensil and a notebook. Chromebooks will be provided by the school, but students are welcome to bring their own if they prefer.


Day NumberDateNotes
Day 16/10/19Posing a Problem - Probability, Recursion, and Optimization
Day 26/11/19Posing a Problem - Logic, Visualization/Experiments, and Graph Theory
Day 36/12/19Posing a Problem - Algorithms, Modeling, and Choosing Your Problem
Day 46/13/19Choosing Your Problem - Conducting Research
Day 56/17/19Conducting Research - Check-Ins
Day 66/18/19Conducting Research - Check-Ins
Day 76/19/19Conducting Research - Check-Ins
Day 86/20/19Conducting Research - Check-Ins
Day 96/24/19Presenting Research - Partner Explanations
Day 106/25/19Presenting Research - Drafting a Final Report
Day 116/26/19Presenting Research - Drafting a Final Report
Day 126/27/19Presenting Research - Drafting a Final Report
Day 137/1/19Presenting Research - Drafting a Final Report & Submit Report
Day 147/2/19Presenting Research - Preparing a Talk
Day 157/3/19Presenting Research - Preparing a Talk
Day 167/8/19Presenting Research - Practice Presentations & Submit Talk Slides
Day 177/9/19Talks from Justin/Cayden (paper, slides)
Day 187/10/19Talks from Maxine (paper, slides), Laura (paper, slides), and Skylar (paper, slides)
Day 197/11/19Talks from Cassidy (paper, slides), Dean (paper, slides), and Adeline (paper, slides)