Mathematical Problem Solving (Summer 2019)

Description. This course will develop the student's ability to solve challenging mathematical problems. Students will work both collaboratively and individually on competition problems pulled from the AMC 10/12 (American Mathematics Competition).

Student Responsibilities. Students should bring a writing utensil and a notebook. Chromebooks will be provided by the school, but students are welcome to bring their own if they prefer.

The problem sets in this course consist of problems chosen from the AMC 12A/B exams for 2017-19 and the AMC 10A/B exams for 2014-16. The 300 problems were categorized according to topic area and then arranged into 19 problem sets, each consisting of 10-20 problems. The warmups consist of 200 problems chosen from the AMC 8 exams for 2009-18 (problems 1-20 only).

Day NumberDateWarmupProblem Set
Day 16/10/19AMC 8 WarmupFractions, Rates, and Percents (Part 1)
Day 26/11/19AMC 8 WarmupCounting and Optimization (Part 1)
Day 36/12/19AMC 8 WarmupDivisibility, Digits, and Bases
Day 46/13/19AMC 8 WarmupMiscellaneous Geometry (Part 1)
Day 56/17/19AMC 8 WarmupLogic
Day 66/18/19AMC 8 WarmupCircles and Spheres
Day 76/19/19AMC 8 WarmupMiscellaneous Functions
Day 86/20/19AMC 8 WarmupMiscellaneous Geometry (Part 2)
Day 96/24/19AMC 8 WarmupSystems
Day 106/25/19AMC 8 WarmupProbability
Day 116/26/19AMC 8 WarmupSymmetry and Complex Numbers
Day 126/27/19AMC 8 WarmupMiscellaneous Geometry (Part 3)
Day 137/1/19AMC 8 WarmupPolynomials and Roots
Day 147/2/19AMC 8 WarmupData
Day 157/3/19AMC 8 WarmupMiscellaneous Geometry (Part 4)
Day 167/8/19AMC 8 WarmupCounting and Optimization (Part 2)
Day 177/9/19AMC 8 WarmupFractions, Rates, and Percents (Part 2)
Day 187/10/19AMC 8 WarmupSequences, Series, and Recursion
Day 197/11/19AMC 8 WarmupMiscellaneous Geometry (Part 5)