• Colors: I like earthy colors (green, blue, black, gray, brown).
  • Weather / Time of Day: I enjoy any kind of rain (light rain, heavy rain, storms). My favorite times of the day are the first couple hours after I've woken up (ideally 11am-1pm, though in reality I rarely get to sleep in that late), and the last couple hours before I go to sleep (11pm-2am). I find it easiest to focus during those times.
  • Music: My favorite artists are Glass Animals, Ava Max, and Enya. I also like Benee, Lady Gaga, Olivia Rodrigo, Klaus Meine, and Eddie Vedder. My top underrated songs are Oblivion (Suzanne Sundfør + M83), String Quartet in F Major (Ravel), and all intros/interludes on Alt-J albums. My favorite music videos are Land Down Under and Rude (MAGIC!).
  • Movies: I have a weakness for Bollywood comedies, in particular 3 Idiots and Kal Ho Naa Ho. My favorite actors are Aamir Khan and Robin Williams.
  • Food: Reuben sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches (with soup), lasagna, and chocolate tower cake.
  • Exercise: I love all exercises on the gymnastic rings. Currently, I can do the iron cross, planches, dips, and pullups.

Future Reading List

Life Goals

  • Create and perfect the math learning system that I longed for while growing up, and turn it into a household name among families with gifted students.
  • Perfect the art of combining mathematical theory with human intuition to create highly practical and effective models.