Justin Skycak (pr: Sky-zack)
I develop models & algorithms, write math content, and teach. In particular, I specialize in developing interpretable models that combine mathematical theory with human intuition. LinkedIn

Currently: I'm developing the models & algorithms that drive Math Academy's fully automated and personalized online learning system. Like any sport, learning math is all about 1) completing training exercises in a scaffolded sequence, 2) doing them often enough that you don't get out of shape, and 3) having enough fun to keep you motivated. So, we're creating a granular network of high-quality lessons, serving those lessons (and reviews) to students at the appropriate times, and making the learning experience as enjoyable as possible. Our curriculum extends from prealgebra all the way through university-level math.

Background: I earned a BS in Mathematics from Notre Dame, a MS in Computer Science (Machine Learning track) from Georgia Tech, and have done plenty of interesting things with math, including building predictive models for businesses while working as a data scientist, simulating and proving properties of biological neural networks, and completing two particle physics research projects that improved CERN and Fermilab particle detectors. I also tutored, taught, and wrote extensively in mathematics for nearly a decade.

On the side: I'm developing and teaching one of the most advanced high school applied math/CS sequences in the world, Math Academy's Eurisko sequence. I also write textbooks for fun as a way to consolidate and clarify my quantitative intuition.